Using Your Website to Make a First Impression of Your Small Business

How to Make a Positive First Impression of Your Small Business Most marketing experts agree that you have three to seven seconds to make a first impression of your business. What will those first few seconds say to your potential … Continue reading

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A Great Video Internet Marketing and the Yellow Pages

If you have ever taken out a Yellow Pages ad, you know how expensive they are.  But with Local Internet Marketing, Chicago and Chicago Suburban businesses are finding a more cost effective and practical way to reach customers.  Though this video was filmed in Australia, it applies to the U.S. as well. It is highly informative as to where the yellow pages marketing is in comparison to Local Internet Marketing.

If you have never paid for a yellow pages ad, enjoy the video.  If you are a small business and do have a yellow pages ad, you may get a little dizzy watching this and while you may not “enjoy” this video, our hope is that it enlightens you.

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Can I Learn to Conduct Local Internet Marketing For My Own Business?

I have had clients ask me if, instead of paying me, they can just learn how to do  Internet Marketing. The answer, in short is, Of Course. But like anything in life, education is the only path to survival. If you talk to most SEO experts, affiliate marketing experts, web designers and web technicians they will tell you, it is not complicated, but it is complex and it is a learned skill just like any other skill.

Complexity abounds in learning the nuances of getting your site ranked within the search engines, knowing how to use and position keywords and then getting the site on page 1 or 2 of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It is not impossible to learn it yourself. But it is a steep learning curve which could not only take years to learn but take valuable time, resources and more importantly, sales, away from the business owners have set out to create. Whether you CAN do it is like asking CAN you generate your own electricity. The answer to that is yes as well. You can build or buy a turbine, get permits, install solar panels, etc. But not only is it impractical to learn and do, it’s not very cost effective.

But for those who might be interested in learning it themselves, I’ll tell you -Yes, we do teach small business how to do it. We have seminars and training classes to teach business owners how to effectively conduct Internet Marketing. We include a 2 hour training class for customers who have us do the set up and then want to take it over themselves. Just

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for a list of our upcoming classes.

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