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Our Journey into Internet Marketing

Besides the “About Us” as an agency, I often get asked how I started this business.   It was born from sheer necessity. Chicago is our immediate market but our services are replicated in many locations. The Marketing Spartan was conceived after my foray into online marketing for my own service business and then my own product distribution. While promoting my own business and products I quickly learned the value of local internet marketing.  I also learned the frustration of being a small business owner in a highly competitive world.

Having a website that no one can find is like the old philosophical riddle, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”   If you have a website for your business and no one finds it, do you really have a website?  If you have a website but don’t know how to promote it, is it worth having a website?  I frequently make the comparison to witness protection.

We knew large company’s websites always popped up when we do a search in Google, or Bing or Yahoo.  Why?  How? Why not ours?

After discussing with SEO companies what they were willing to do for us we were even more confused.  They gave us crazy pricing with no explanation of what I was getting.  So begins my journey in 2003 with my own business needs.  I worked on learning and perfecting online marketing.  I studied with experts, encountered the usual frauds and sorted through information. Once I had my ah ha moment I built my online presence which in turn grew my business by over 200% in one year.  Then I came to realized how treacherous the online world was for small business and decided to share my learnings -which has evolved into offering online strategies for small businesses.

How did we get our name?

I get this question all the time.  As a small business owner, I felt their pain. After analyzing all of the issues facing small businesses trying to find their footing on the internet, I cast a wide net of characteristics shared by most small business and came up with four major characteristics:

  • Most successful small businesses are successful because the owner/operator is obsessed with self-disciplined or self-restraint
  • Most small businesses are cost conscious.  They often times operate on a shoestring budget, keeping things simple.  They are inherently frugal and austere.
  • They don’t talk about what they are going to do.  They do it.  Speed and not speech is a matter of survival.
  • Small business owners are fearless.  By the sheer fact they took the risk to start a business makes them fearless and every day when they invest time and money in their business they must pack away the fear of danger or adversity and move forward.

It came to me- this is what a spartan was all about.  The raw definition of  spartan is n: a disciplined or brave person;  adj: possessing courage and resolve.

This IS what small business owners are.  As a small business owner working with small business owners, the commonality of cause is remarkable;  so the name The Marketing Spartan was born.

I welcome you to our website and look forward to working on your business.

Judy Cornelius

The Marketing Spartan

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